Leak detection and repair
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Murray Hill Plumbing and Heating is available for both residential and commercial sewer and water leak detection. Our team is fully trained and qualified in a variety of leak detection services, meaning we have the skills and knowledge to locate and repair just about any sewer or water main leak. Even sub slab leaks are no problem for our professionals. Using the latest technology in plumbing leak detection, Murray Hill Plumbing and Heating can pinpoint your leaking pipes with our efficient, non-invasive techniques, helping you get your plumbing system back in tip-top shape without destroying your yard, slab, or walls in the process.
 Once the leak has been located, our professionals can develop a targeted plan for repairing your leaking pipes. From hydrostatic water leak detection and video pipe inspection to sub-slab and underground leak detection, Murray Hill Plumbing and Heating has what it takes to find just about any leak. Call now for more information!